About the Author

Have you ever imagined a person who is dreamy but rapt with attention? Naughty but good? Talkative but quiet? I’m sure you haven’t! But that’s because you haven’t experienced me.. I am Alka, a girl with a perky (sometimes livid) disposition and an unbeatable bon vivant. I am very enthusiastic about drawing, tasting new food, learning unknown cultures and  I LOVE reading ( It’s simply mindblowing and astounding to rocket
of to some intricate journey when you are just smuggled up, all cosy and warm in bed.. And to experience the “Bookworm Symptom” It is the ludicrous way you squirm around like a struggling worm to stay comfy while your eyes don’t quiver of the book.. Sometimes it’s real painful!!)…Oh, and I forgot the most important and unforgettable trait I happen to have dug right into me, like an injection  – Writing. Its been my strongest and never failing thing inside me- more like a bonfire inside my mind.. Always aflame with new ideas and creative thoughts. I have cautiously carved out each and every word of this blog which, with a hopeful heart, I am believing this blog will be relished by everybody…



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