Schools Should Encourage Nerdy Behaviour

Their encyclopaedic knowledge make them an indispensable member of the group. They know the best tech specs and they may be reclusive but, really, may come out as a resilient and determined mind. They are voracious bookworms, devouring pages in minutes, do Math homework during class and rewarded with extra credit assignments. Who are they, anyway? Nerds.
“Be nice to nerds, chances are, you will end up working for them.” Bill Gates stated. And it’s true. From this statement you can deduce that nerds are indeed capable and sufficiently competent to run the world. So do you think nerdy behaviour really counts in school? Not convinced? Nerds aren’t just an intelligent monochrome, they do have their own phantasmagorias and fears, making them just as unique a person plausible. If school authorities did take up the exertion to embolden nerdy behaviour it would benefit the school as well as exhaust the student’s minds to take up additional learning. Furthermore, nerds have the yearning and instinct to have a singular passion about an academic pursuit. However, many people do instigate that nerds are socially ‘awkward’ and introverted. I contradict that. If schools do take up encouraging nerdy disposition, most nerds may feel comfortable working with their counterparts and they may finally end up in a promoted position later in life; think confident, bold and ecstatic nerds. Nerds are renowned for their quirkiness and eccentricities (I am not trying to convey that clowns used to be nerds, not my point). Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton and Alan Turing (if you didn’t know- was a half hero, half scapegoat in World War II) were all quintessential, influential, free-wheeling nerds! I implore and prompt that we stand with nerds for their quick witted genius and creative juices and far flung wisdom. Therefore, schools should encourage nerdy behavior (I assure you, you will not regret it).

A Nerdy Studio. Nerds are creativity enthusiasts!

A Nerdy Studio. Nerds are creativity                                enthusiasts!                                                             Artists Studio Number 1- Look Mickey. Painting by Roy Lichtenstein







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