A Dragon in the Mountains

This petite quirky encounter was written when I was probably in third grade. Enjoy!

It was a scorching hot day on the Tempest Mountain ranges. My family and I were mountaineering over there. The blistering sun was burning us to ashes. I was sweating profusely. The jagged rocks bruised me on my knees. And to hold the stones- they were as hot as cakes right out of the oven. After all that tiring climbing, we all sat down languidly on our comfy picnic mat and drank water and ate food gobbling them up ravenously. What a relief it was when that good food tumbled down my empty intestines. I made a grab for three fried chicken that was left over, and pushed them in my pocket. Then, I decided to take a stroll down the valley- to see if there are some white daisies to make a daisy chain. Sadly, there were no daisies to be found but I suddenly felt a thundering vibration under the rocky and uneven floor. I felt the urge to go down and see what made that abrupt vibration. I climbed down to see a huge cave. I took a few steps in and to my greatest surprise, there lay five tall and fat eggs, about my size, in a dark and dismal corner. They were all brown and seemed just like eggs made of copper. I was curious to know what lay beyond them. I walked a little deeper into the growing darkness of the cave until I reached a door. This door was a weird type of door, not the usual ones you see. It was an oblong bit of wood which had no door knob but in its place there is a coal black mark–it looked like it was burned. All the sides of the door was also burned. The ‘door’ had a crooked signboard too. It said “Mrs. Dragon is sleeping. Please knock to enter.” Who is this Mrs. Dragon? Is she a real dragon? If she is a dragon, those eggs are dragon eggs. But dragons are fiction, aren’t they? When all this things started to hypnotize my brain, I just shoved open the door and cautiously tiptoed in, closing the door lightly behind me. It was very dim in there- with only two oil lamps blazing on two walls of the room. The temperature rose too quickly that I was almost suffocating. I remember having a stub of a candle in my pocket- I struck two stones and quickly lit it. It became brighter now in the room. Then I held the candle out to spread the soothing light when I saw two, yellow, luminous eyes glaring at me. The eyes drew nearer and finally to show a scaly red dragon face. It was snarling maliciously at me. A long red tail with green plates wrapped me and gave me a ferocious squeeze that gave out all my breath like ketchup flows when you squeeze the bottle. My head was in a daze. The candle fell from my tight grip. All of a sudden, I remembered the fried chicken I grabbed after lunch. I struggled and dug in my pocket. I held one above my head. The stuffy air filled with a scrumptious smell. The dragon’s hold on me relaxed. It slowly started gulping down the tender piece of chicken from my hand. It shook itself for more. I calmed myself down with a great sigh of relief and handed out more. Soon the three pieces I longed to eat when I was hungry vanished. At least, the dragon seems satisfied. It became friendly to me. Soon enough I couldn’t stand the heat. I just wished to go out, so I forced my way out and began to climb up. It was evening- the sun’s last rays cajoled the brilliant sky. The dragon lumbered behind me and grabbing and tugging me by the shirt lovingly. I ventured back to the entrance of the cave and the dragon crouched in front of me as a kitten would do. She probably wanted me to ride her. So I sat on her. Her back was very bumpy to sit on. It felt like I was sitting on a bundle of rigid rocks. Her plates and scales poked and tickled me. Abruptly, she flapped her wings and a gush of air battered and gently touched my face. It was fantastic to feel the cool air come across your face when you have spent the whole day in the heat. The panoramic scenery below was spectacular. The glare of the flashy rocks bundled together in the faint sunshine, the microscopic blades of fresh lush green grass , the final calls of the elegant bald eagles and the brown heads of the peaks further down the valley was an intense and simply magical to picture. Soon, we came across our parents. I waved to them and they waved back. They stared at us-spellbound. The dragon swooped down, dropped me softly on an immensely springy and strong smelling mound of moss, near to where my parents were and touched her humongous and unexpectedly soft nose lightly on my palm before departing. I wish to see Mrs. Dragon again soon. Maybe her eggs have hatched and she is taking care of her little draklings by now.

Riding on a Dragon breathing Corollas of Magnolia Flames.

Riding on a Dragon breathing Corollas of Magnolia Flames.


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