A Movie with an Icy Chill: Frozen

Born with a powerful, icy curse, Elsa, princess of Arendelle finds herself in trouble with her dangerous but delightful magic…A magic that is dazzling and enchanting but it is also engrossed with intense fear.
All through Elsa’s life she tries to hold back her chilly powers which mostly affected Anna, her younger sister. She ran away on her coronation day, unable to control it, leaving a part of her icy powers in Arendelle (A place popular for its bright and cheery summer) and it slowly grew into eternal winter. Only true love could stop the spell. Anna couldn’t bear to see Arendelle in this dreadful and disastrous state. She had to find Elsa, believing that she could stop this weather. On her quest, she finds the most hilarious and helpful friends- Olaf, Swen and Christof. Together they wound up the North Mountain to be met with a dreary surprise…
“A must watch heart-warming and charming film. The songs hypnotize and mesmerize the ears and souls of children and even adults. This terrific movie is based on Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen and is nominated for the Oscars.”


4 thoughts on “A Movie with an Icy Chill: Frozen

  1. Fantabulous review… Alkakutty…. Also tryout the latest Disney’s flick – PLANES : Fire & Rescue _ Released in July 14 – Enjoy your holidays – Kuttimama

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