An exhilarating, electrifying tale through a villain’s malicious eyes….Maleficent


With bat-like, horny, brown feathered wings of gigantic size and humongous span (like an albatross’s – potent and trustworthy), with her winding, dark, ram headdress, with her insipid, black, rag-like robe tugging behind her in the swift situation of flying as air borne as a leaf in a hotchpotch tempest… She flitted and fluttered- so powerfully that it slapped the wind. Rocketing high over the loftiest summit through the candy floss clouds of the jolly, mystery filled, pleasant lush greenery of the moors, she spun so rapidly like a dancing top, drawing clouds to her-the speed too intense, the cloud seemed like mist…
‘She’ is Maleficent. The vicious villain, the victorious heroine…It doesn’t matter. She is both…
Yes, it is the age old classic tale of Sleeping Beauty but with a striking, unbelievable, incredible twist.
As young Stephan (a farmer’s son) was creeping in the moors to steal something in the faeries wake, Maleficent (still a jovial, contended girl) caught him. That was a beginning of their true love story… But it didn’t last long enough. Stephan was soon plotting to be of a post of high glory in the kingdom. He stole Maleficent’s wings in order to be king. Maleficent, mixed with revenge and malice couldn’t control her fury of Stephan’s voraciousness. She came across Diaval, a crow strangled in a farmer’s fishing net. Taking pity, she saved him and he solemnly swore to be her spy. Shortly, Aurora’s christening occurred. Burrowed in bubbling anger of not being invited, she herself trundled to the castle and cursed the giggling and bubbly Aurora. (The same wicked story book jinx— “Before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall to a sleep like death…”) Watch what befalls Aurora—will it be Prince Philip who wakes her up from her hibernation?

A moving, courageous tale of ignorance, tears, love, greed, fury, mastery and evil. Never a bore, it just goes on until you are perplexed the movie came to an end so quickly. Maleficent was the most daring, dark and mystical of all other faeries. She had a heart of enduring gilded gold but Stephan and her own folly enameled it with a stone crust. And yet Disney’s movies are always quoted with a happy, magical ending.


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