Day Dreaming Dilemmas

Another humid and hazy and horrid day, so hot that you will have the impression of melting like an ice lolly until you are exceedingly sticky like melted marshmallows and inexplicably stinking and smothered with the sickly stench of sweat. That day we had Science as our first period. Yes, and regrettably (I had run out of luck lately) I couldn’t resist the window seat, despite the heat, standing sturdy and vacant—perfect for a spontaneous dreamer like me. My eyes weaved in and about the variety of other desks appealing to my comfort but many a number of class mates grabbed their opportunities to the air conditioning area and settled down serenely like proud VIP’s. But my eyes swivelled back to the sun bathed chair and desk near the greasy and fuzzy window. Without even giving it a second thought, I slipped down on the rigid wooden and quiet dirty chair rather awkwardly with the terrifying heat lapping at the left of my face and unusually soothingly stimulating cool air tickling and gently touching me on the right. I began to sun-cool- bath feeling the utmost relaxation. The fiery glare of the sun against the pane was annoying but evidently warming me drowsy. The teacher, meanwhile, was far from the start of the lesson–“Inside the earth”. As I was not too keen on Science and was too great a day dreamer for learning, I abruptly heard the teacher explain in her shrill, aged voice, “The inner core can be almost compared to the big seed of a mango. Therefore…”

“Oh! Imagine!” I murmured jovially to myself (I was actually quarter dozing, half day dreaming and the last quarter aiding me in keeping myself look up and awake on the outside) as I pictured an absurdly colourful text book with a diagram of the Earth chopped in half and the layers projected clearly. But, at-the-spur-of-the-moment, the Earth dissolved itself into a massive mango which was hilariously amusing. And the insides of the mango disappeared too, and refilled again with the crust as the mango peel, the mantle as a dense mango puree with numerous bite size chunks of juicy mangoes, the outer core was mango juice with smaller bits and pieces while the inner core turned out to be a giant mango seed!!

Suddenly, I fancied a dismal looking ancient volcano with jagged, ragged, weather-worn rocks of all sizes bundled and huddled together. (coconut sized to the size of an African elephant!) A moderate vibration appeared to occur slightly, the trees juddered and the rocks shuddered. Unexpectedly, out of the blue, a handful of people dressed in jeans and everyday t-shirts, staggered, stumbled, strode and hurried showing how ferine they were. “Let’s slurp it up before it stains everywhere.” they managed to pant. In the meantime, the vibration grew worse. Unpredictably, the bleak volcano bombarded, spitting lava (that’s what I thought anyway). Those people were shrouded in it- most likely swallowed in the tremendous blazing heat. But no, wait! Lava is not yellow! The liquid which had spilled out was a syrupy yellow. It was mango juice! And there came the group of people, licking themselves over and over and that surely made my lips smack. For I haven’t had a proper treat of mango since May. If it hadn’t been for a thundering voice agitating me, I could have asked the men to pass some juice to me too. “Stop dreaming, youngster. I won’t abide dreaming in my class!” boomed the querulous thundering of the Science teacher who in reality seemed to pinch my ears moodily. I don’t ever wish to describe the scene after that.

Daydreaming can leave someone in a really fantastic picturesque fantasy land always leading to trouble afterwards… I can never leave the habit of whiling away my time like that. Have you ever been in a day dream?


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